Our Services

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  • Estate Planning

    • Appointment of the Executor by the Master of the High Court.

    • Advertising, settling of debt and collecting the relevant information to draw up the Liquidation and Distribution account.

    • Transferring of properties out of the deceased’s estate to the heirs.

    • Complying with all the procedural aspects connected to the winding up of a deceased’s estate.

    • Filing of the Final Liquidation and Distribution account at the Master of the High Court.

    Our services includes:

    • Planning of estates

    • Drafting of Last Wills

    • Updating of Wills (codicils)

    • Administration of deceased estates

    • Safe custody service for Last Wills where we are the nominated Executor

  • Power of Attorney

    • We assist with the drafting of powers of attorney to enable one person to act on another person’s behalf, whether generally or for a specific reason. This is an extremely useful instrument for families where a person is incapacitated or located abroad.

  • Deceased Estates Property Transfers

    • Residential property transfers (conventional and sectional title)

    • Transfer of deceased estates

    • Commercial property transfers

    • Mortgage bond registrations including private and third-party bonds

    • Cancellation of existing bonds

    • Drafting of Agreements of Sale

  • Contracts & Sales Agreements

    • Ensure that both parties to the agreement are fully aware and agree to the contents thereof.

    • Promote transparency between the parties to the agreement.

    • Create and maintain trust between the parties to the agreement.

    • Prevent unnecessary disputes between the parties to the agreement.

  • Trusts

    • An inter vivos trust which is created by an individual during his/her lifetime to name the selected beneficiaries of certain property and assets.

    • A testamentary trust by making provision therefore in your Last Will for the benefit of the Testator’s heirs.

    We provide guidance to the trustees to ensure proper management of the trust and adherence to strict requirements and compliance.

  • Antenuptial Contracts 

    • An antenuptial contract is a legal document created by a couple before they get married or enter into a civil partnership. The primary purpose of an antenuptial contract is to establish the financial and property rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce, separation, or death. We assist in the drafting and registration of antenuptial contracts prior to the intended marriage between the parties.